While time is relative it's still a useful tool and ending one year and beginning another gives a chance to evaluate and re-focus. Not unpredictably, one of my resolutions this year relates to style: namely to depart a bit from my typical silhouette and focus on more mature clothes. It's not a complete abandonment of things I like, but a determination to focus on a more neutral palette and add new styles instead of purchasing repeats what I already possess. Mentally, I'm trying to repeat the mantra of "would Dita Von Teese wear this?" when shopping, but of course even that has limitations. Anyway, this skirt is the sort of piece that is outside of my usual style, but I think a nice addition and step towards being recognized as my age on the street…I'm certain there will be several missteps back towards printed mini dresses and peter pan collars before I actually make "style progress." It's also pretty ironic to talk about dressing like an adult while wearing a sweater from the children's section.

Outfit details:
thrifted hat (similar)
Zara coat (similar)
UO blouse
vintage purse
*pics by Jon


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