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So...this is something different for me, no? I got the body con dress with the idea of having more variety in my closet, but the styling is fully "date look" rather than practical daywear (at least it seems like impractical daywear to me!). Anyway, cheers to branching out and wearing that dress you feel slightly uncomfortable in out. I had a discussion with friends a couple of weeks ago about the difference between who we feel we are and the person we try to show ourselves to be to the world. On one hand it's the idea that we aren't being "true to ourselves" most of the time, but wearing clothes we think will help us fit in at work or school, or perhaps monitoring the way we speak and act--like hiding a nerdy hobby from certain friends because we're worried they might tease us. But on the other hand, this gap between who we feel we are and who we represent ourselves to be is about striving to be better--you are more polite to strangers on public transportation than you might feel. So, in some ways this dress isn't "me" but it is part of the more confident, bold person I'd like to be.

Outfit details:
Zara coat (similar)
Modcloth gloves (old, similar)
H+M tights (similar)
Bill Blass purse
*pictures by Thomas



  1. This is awesome. You look amazing. I love how you're mixing it up these days.

  2. vamp! I love this look on you, you know how to wear this style. Sexy yet elegant. It's nice and refreshing to see you more womanly, less girly (although there's nothing wrong with girly, every woman needs to feel like a girl now and then). I imagine Thomas fainting by looking at you in this style, haha!

    I love the heels and the dress especially the neckline).

  3. You look gorgeous! I can definitely see the Dita Von Teese look you've been aiming for :)

  4. Congrats on pushing the envelope! Also on the Smiths reference

  5. you look amazing! and those tights are so fun!



  6. You look amazing! Kudos to trying something a bit out of your comfort zone-it looks good on you :) I need to try this more myself.

    -Leah M.

  7. Love the details on the tights and the little bows on the gloves! So gorgeous x

    Secret little Stars

  8. Wow, those tights are really interesting! I've not seen ones like that before, and beautifully subtle too. I think it's good to get out of a comfort zone and sometimes really just treat clothes as a dressing up box, play at being someone who would wear it, even if you normally wouldnt as it were.

  9. This dress is gorgeous on you! I love the deviation from your usual silhouettes. It's definitely date-night-ish but that's okay! I love your backseam tights with the cat and your pretty coat too. You look lovely.

  10. You are so gorgeous- this outfit is beautiful! Alex


  11. It is fun to dress up in a different look--but what I like even more is your comments about how we dress. Just what I have been ruminating about lately. . .

  12. This dress is very beautiful, but I think the cute dresses fits more nice on you :)
    Anyway, you look sexy on the pictures!


  13. You look AWESOME in the pictures. Haha, it's really different from your usual style of A-line dresses (;

    I was really taken with the dress so I decided to hop over to Sheinside. I actually bought something from there, so I'm kinda worried - is it a reliable site? When I googled it, a lot of negative reviews came up. So, I just thought I'd ask for your opinion: Do they deliver on time - and are their clothes good?

  14. @Lakshmi Ganesan, delivery typically takes 1-2 weeks, it can be long, but it's "on time" for what I expect from something traveling from so far. Quality can be hit and miss, or more likely sometimes skirts are very short (even for me). Still, the pieces I end up wearing and featuring, I'm usually very impressed by the quality of. This dress: super fitted, but the velvet feels very nice for the price point. All of the coats I've gotten are fully lined and the stitching is nice.
    I think the only things I would be aware of, is look at the detail shots on their site to see what the fabric looks like, know that sizes usually run small, and packages won't arrive as quickly as something you buy from in the states.


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