Take Me Out Tonight

So...this is something different for me, no? I got the body con dress with the idea of having more variety in my closet, but the styling is fully "date look" rather than practical daywear (at least it seems like impractical daywear to me!). Anyway, cheers to branching out and wearing that dress you feel slightly uncomfortable in out. I had a discussion with friends a couple of weeks ago about the difference between who we feel we are and the person we try to show ourselves to be to the world. On one hand it's the idea that we aren't being "true to ourselves" most of the time, but wearing clothes we think will help us fit in at work or school, or perhaps monitoring the way we speak and act--like hiding a nerdy hobby from certain friends because we're worried they might tease us. But on the other hand, this gap between who we feel we are and who we represent ourselves to be is about striving to be better--you are more polite to strangers on public transportation than you might feel. So, in some ways this dress isn't "me" but it is part of the more confident, bold person I'd like to be.

Outfit details:
Zara coat (similar)
Modcloth gloves (old, similar)
H+M tights (similar)
Bill Blass purse
*pictures by Thomas


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