White Out

I snapped these pictures with the help of my friend on one of our crazy snow days last week--it was declared a "snow emergency" for my city; it started snowing in the early morning and kept at it past sunset. I felt bad for the cars that had to be driving in those crazy conditions, rather amazed we still received mail, and grateful for the stores within walking distance of my house (I didn't need groceries, but it was lovely that I could walk a few blocks to buy myself some comfort food). With my trusty backpack to keep my purchases dry and my most sensible boots it was rather nice to go out and explore the near-empty streets. I even went on a nice walk after sunset to see what the city looked like in the snow with all the street lights coming on…magical.

Outfit details:
Knitwits hat
Lalouka dress
Rebecca Minkoff backpack (similar)
UO mittens (old)
*pictures of me by Kate



  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! Alex


  2. Awe, I love that hat! You make me jealous of your snow day!

  3. these photos are beautiful! you are stunning and i love that cozy jacket!



  4. You look so cute and cozy!


  5. I love how all your knitted items look like animals. Also, you make winter look like a pleasant experience today... Since it's been below zero all day where I am (western PA), that's very deceptive. Ha. :)

  6. You have such fantastic style! I would love it if someday you put together a basics list. You seem to have pieces that you build outfits from, and then add more unique or colorful pieces to.

    I would like to build a solid wardrobe at some point, and would love for you to recommend a basics list.

  7. @Michaela, I'm really flattered you like my style! I don't actually believe much in basics, but rather in buying pieces you really really like. You see, if you like something a lot you'll figure out a way to wear it with other items in your closet. If you fill your closet not with clothes you think you "should" have but rather pieces you like to wear, then you'll always find fun ways to get dressed. The closest I come to basics is having black, navy, and purple tights--more tights always preferred but those basic colors will go with most things in your closet.
    Whenever I look at a basics list I usually realize I don't have a white blouse, ldb (mine's a navy little dress), blazer, etc. What I do have is a random mix of dresses that I really like, but barely any blouses, and an ever-expanding jacket/coat collection I should probably put a stop to...

  8. Wow, what an ethereal wonderland! I absolutely adore this cozy look--that scarf is perfect with that army jacket. All the colors go together so well! And of course I those gloves are so cute. I also love that peek of the horse dress and your eyeliner!

    By the way, I was absolutely enamored by your couple photos last week. They were so precious. I loved how you subtly matched your hat to his sweater. Definitely a favorite post!

  9. Such beautiful photos as always. I'm jealous of your winter wonderland (It's summer in the Southern Hemisphere atm and I'm dreaming of colder climates!!). Best wishes from New Zealand :)

    - Tara x

    Shop Style Conquer

  10. Your hat is so cute! I love the color of it with your hair and jacket!

  11. These are amazing photos, love that the background is all white and you are the colour! Looks really effective! Fab hat too!

  12. @Sam Findlay, Thanks! It's not an effect from editing--that's just how much snow is on everything :)


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