An Adventure Wrongly Considered

When I studied abroad in Greece there was a little bit of a collective gasp from my fellow students the first time I wore jeans on our trip. I don't think about my lack of jeans-wearing much; I focus on wearing clothes I like and that tends to mean dresses, but nearly every time do don a pair of jeans there's at least one person who says something to me about how they're surprised to see me in them. For awhile there were even people speculating that I didn't wear pants for religious reasons…nope just personal style reasons. Anyway, this dark olive green pair is my default in fall and winter when I do opt for pants. Our latest snow fall has left many of the roads in the city rather treacherous, but I thankfully managed to escape briefly and I tried to dress for the adventure. This is probably as close as I get to tomboy style...

Outfit details:
Knitwits hat
J Brand jeans (old, similar)
Shop Ruche boots (old, same)
Rebecca Minkoff backpack (similar)
Jord wood watch
*pictures by Jon



  1. Eee you wear jeans so well! <3

  2. You look amazing as always!

    Rosie x

  3. that coat looks so cozy! and i love that plaid scarf!


  4. It's nice to switch it up. You look great in all your pants outfits I've seen.

  5. sometimes change is nice. I'm the complete opposite, I put on a dress or skirt and someone comments. Especially at work as I prefer to dress more 'plain' and then on the weekend liven things up a little.

  6. You have great sense of your own style and look good in both dresses and pants. I am from an older generation and my peers hardly ever wore dresses or skirts and don't wear them now. I have always worn them, even in school when it was really uncool. I find it fascinating that women 20 years younger than myself are so in love with dresses.

  7. For me it's the same, when I put on pants or jeans I always receive comments on it - as if it was something special :D
    I love this tomboy outfit, and its quirky touches, perfect for a day on the snow, comfy and still stylish.

  8. Beautiful! Your hair is so lovely <3

  9. i am not sure if my last comment worked or not....if I already wrote this I'm sorry! But I wanted to say I especially love the hat and gloves- and that I normally wear leggings, too- but lately have been wearing more jeans, as well!


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