My Early Valentine

I'm a little bit early for Valentine's Day, but I recently received this dress and brooch and the mail and felt like wearing "all the heart clothes." The brooch (by Les Mirrettes) goes along with my goal of being more detail-orientated in my wardrobe and adding more vintage influences. With cold weather I often consider jewelry out of the question since metal colder than your skin draws heat of your body--making rings, necklaces, and whatnot painful to wear in winter. But a brooch pinned to fabric is a nice option to add a personal touch to your outfit without sapping the warmth from your body. The little bow piercing this anatomically correct heart reminds me of Cupid's arrows, although I'm planning on wearing this brooch with many non-Valentine's related outfits. Also, how fun is it that nearly every heart on the dress is upside down? I feel as if it's some of sartorial joke about mixed up hearts...
Outfit details:
Seychelles oxfords, old
Zara purse
Modcloth gloves (old, similar)
*pictures by Thomas


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