When Did Dress Up Turn To Fashion

This coat reminds me of the clothes I used to wear in kindergarten which is pretty much always a positive connotation. I mean, yes, my style inspiration should probably not be six-year-old-me (and technically it isn't), but I remember loving so many multi-colored outfits as a kid and dresses my mother made me--there's even a striped dress I remember that had a little puppet brooch of a girl with yellow braids that worked as both an accessory and toy. When I think about childhood clothes it's not just about the styles themselves, but how fun it was to get dressed and wear the same thing day after day because you liked it so much.

Outfit details:
UO shirt 
thrifted skirt (similar)
Shop Ruche boots (old, same)
Zara purse



  1. Sweet lord, I LOVE that jacket!

  2. You must have been a stylish kindergardener. I like the coat, as well as how neatly you layered the outfit.
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  3. I remember those favorite clothes days. As a toddler I favored a pair of overalls because I could put my small toy bear in the front pocket.

    Sometimes I'm afraid my aesthetics developed entirely from the cartoons I watched as a child.

    This is a really great jacket, and I'm loving the simplicity and shape of the denim skirt.

    - Anna

  4. As I read this post I started thinking back to when I was a kid and what my taste in clothes was like, and was suddenly taken aback by the fact that my fave garments were: a pinafore like skirt in black with tiny white print (I don't remember exactly what the print was, but I remember loving the skirt way to much because it was black), a pair of black patent mary janes, and a sleeveless black dress that I wore over a pink gingham blouse with puffy sleeves and peter pan collar. The preference for patent shoes and black clothes has been with me since I was four, it seems!!

  5. Oh that coat is so cool. I have a photo of myself in a striped dress from when I was very young. I don't remember it at all, but I'd love to have that dress in my size now. I also remember a great mustard coat that I wouldn't mind having now.

  6. love that coat! you look adorable!!


  7. love the colours!

  8. i love that denim skirt!



  9. So gorgeous!


  10. Great Dar reference in the title. Was just singing along to that song on a road trip.

  11. You have some lovely locations for your outfit pictures! I have to say when I look back on 6 year old me there was very little I'd want to repeat. Although dungarees. Those are definitely still awesome.

  12. The jacket is really cute but I must say, love your striped shirt! Wish I could see it better lol.

  13. They don't sell that jacket anymore?? I want one!!!


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