Beez In The Trap

My bee preoccupation lately has me wishing I had more of a green thumb and less of a habit of moving around. Actually a lot of things make me want to have more of a green thumb at the moment, although this list of plants that bees like is foremost on my mind. A recent re-read of A Wind In The Door and first read of Contact probably caused my recent dream about a botanist chosen to help terraform a new planet and her ensuing ethical dilemma. But one of the moments that stuck with me from the dream/books is the fact that plants respond to sound--speech and music and it can help their development; it was first suggested in the 1800s and science still seems to affirm this idea without being certain why it's true. One study even found that plants respond better to a female voice than a male voice. For me though it's not just that plants can respond to human voice or music, but why do they bother? I mean, half of the time we don't like listening to each other talk and plants can communicate with each other on a rudimentary level through chemical release, so why listen and respond to humans? I just wonder what they really get out of it...



  1. such a darling look, love the bees!

  2. that dress is so gorgeous!! what a great print.

  3. Haha, very good point about why listen, maybe it's just a different sensation for them? Who knows, either way, love that dress!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  4. I can attest to the truth of what you said: we recently planted a few veggies in our kitchen, and my son decided it would be a good idea to go and serenade those seeds every single days, so he just sits on his little couch, with his tiny guitar, and he plays and sings for those plants, and trust me, they are growing like maaaaaad!!! I'm especially amazed at the ochra that were supposed to take 2 to 3 weeks before anything started coming out of the earth, and after a week of songs, there they are, big as big can be.

  5. It goes to show that plants are better than humans. They're incredible listeners!

  6. those boots are perfect!! love em!


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