Beez In The Trap

My bee preoccupation lately has me wishing I had more of a green thumb and less of a habit of moving around. Actually a lot of things make me want to have more of a green thumb at the moment, although this list of plants that bees like is foremost on my mind. A recent re-read of A Wind In The Door and first read of Contact probably caused my recent dream about a botanist chosen to help terraform a new planet and her ensuing ethical dilemma. But one of the moments that stuck with me from the dream/books is the fact that plants respond to sound--speech and music and it can help their development; it was first suggested in the 1800s and science still seems to affirm this idea without being certain why it's true. One study even found that plants respond better to a female voice than a male voice. For me though it's not just that plants can respond to human voice or music, but why do they bother? I mean, half of the time we don't like listening to each other talk and plants can communicate with each other on a rudimentary level through chemical release, so why listen and respond to humans? I just wonder what they really get out of it...


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