Pastel Parade

Despite the lingering snow, it was quite warm this day, although I did wear an un-coordinated coat overtop my rather Easter-ready outfit. Spring optimism or cabin fever had driven a number of families out of their homes into this park near my sisters house and several were comfortably parked at similarly snowy tables enjoying a picnic. It's interesting that after several years of silent loathing for pastels I now find myself in a soft purple dress and pink shoes. Pastels have often reminded me of elitist preppy kids in high school who got tans playing golf and always had ski lift pass tags on their winter coats even though we didn't live anywhere near a ski resort and made me feel terribly uncool in my hand-me-down coat and weird with my pale nose buried in novel thicker than my textbooks. But high school was a long time ago and my associations with pastels are shifting and sometimes I just want to look like a sculpture made of confectioner's sugar...


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