Pastel Parade

Despite the lingering snow, it was quite warm this day, although I did wear an un-coordinated coat overtop my rather Easter-ready outfit. Spring optimism or cabin fever had driven a number of families out of their homes into this park near my sisters house and several were comfortably parked at similarly snowy tables enjoying a picnic. It's interesting that after several years of silent loathing for pastels I now find myself in a soft purple dress and pink shoes. Pastels have often reminded me of elitist preppy kids in high school who got tans playing golf and always had ski lift pass tags on their winter coats even though we didn't live anywhere near a ski resort and made me feel terribly uncool in my hand-me-down coat and weird with my pale nose buried in novel thicker than my textbooks. But high school was a long time ago and my associations with pastels are shifting and sometimes I just want to look like a sculpture made of confectioner's sugar...



  1. I love the pastels against the snow. I stayed away from so many things, pastels and collared shirts being two main ones after attending a super preppy college my freshman year. Now I try to disregard my previous stereotypes and embrace anything I like in my own way! :)
    xo Hannah

  2. That last photo of the shoes... divine. Looks like a shot from a film. I used to have confused feelings about wearing pink. Not wanting to wear it because it had associations, and the colour people always gave me as a kid without asking. I didn't like it, but Ive come full circle and now I will just wear the colours I choose, whatever. And I do choose pink now!

  3. those sunnies are gorgeous!


  4. I'm certainly glad you gave pastels another try. This outfit is delicious, and it fits your photography style very well.

  5. Is sheinside really a reliable website to get clothes from???? I've read mixed reviews about it and it looks a bit too good to be true!

  6. You look like a fairy princess - it's beautiful!

  7. @Dorothee Cosack, I mean quality is mixed--like what you get at F21 but I've never had a problem receiving my packages from them. This dress is really well made, but some are very short and sometimes the fabric is cheap-feeling, but it just depends. But yeah I haven't had any problems getting items and I find when I pay close attention to the pictures & description I'm never disappointed by quality.

  8. Loving the color of this dress!


  9. I hope this means no offense, your dress and being in the snow reminds me of Fairy Plum Princess from the Nutcracker Ballet. Looks so romantic and fantastical.


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