Spinsterhood and the American Way

Art director Suzanne Heintz got tired of well-meaning friends and family asking her when she was going to get married and settled down, so like an empowered modern woman she went out and bought a family. With her Ken-doll handsome husband and pigtailed mannequin daughter she experiences all the stereotypical family landmarks. As Heintz states that, "We do all those family things, all the while capturing those Kodak Moments. Because it's not really about the journey, or a genuine human connection, when you're kids are screaming, "are we there yet?" Is it? It's about the picture in front of the sign. 'Get back in the car, we got the picture. Now, let's go eat.'" She realized by not "settling down" in the traditional sense she wouldn't miss the wedding, but she would miss the photo album! It's a fun, quirky, and perhaps slightly creepy set of photographs that does make you stop and think for a minute. 



  1. This post was a bit weird, but cool at the same time. Enjoyed!(especially the Christmas scene)


  2. Story of my life ! and amazing pictures ^^

    See U !

  3. It's creepy and amazing at the same time. These photos remind me a lot the movie "Lars and the real girl" - you should watch it!

  4. In fact these are a bit creepy.. They remind me of a Swedish TV-series I have seen - Real Humans, although the people there had robots instead of a doll (even as a partner), and the male doll in the pictures just looks like one of them. You should see it, if you have the chance.

  5. I think this is hilarious! I am asked all the time if there's a man in my life and my constant response is "I don't need a man! I got things to do."
    I get the weirdest looks from people, a mixture of pity and horror most of the time. Good for Suzanne for putting this in a different perspective.

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  7. Oh my gosh, I love this so much. Good on her!

  8. She has been featured on one of the weekend news shows, maybe CBS Sunday Morning? Love that show. It's hysterical. I just wish I would have thought of this in my early 20's. I'm married now but there are days....

  9. Loved the idea behind these. I eventually took it a lot further than the "spinsterhood" and the family photos thing, I find this interesting because we seem to live in a world where EVERYTHING is about what you capture on a picture, like everyone is living a made up life... with zero human connections, perhaps? Scary, huh?


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