Up On The Rooftop

I usually shy away from complicated dresses, but the peachy and red tones of this one really appealed to me so I couldn't resist. Keeping the rest of the outfit minimal with all black and my favorite necklace I think I'm mostly "pulling it off." It's quite weird to see my bare arms in photographs again. I'm almost nervous about how pale my bare legs will look once spring truly arrives…only almost though since I feel no shame over my paleness and warmer weather is cause to celebrate.
Also, taking pictures of yourself isn't really so awkward--I mean, I feel more comfortable with a tripod than I do with a friend behind my camera. However, the whole tripod set-up is awkward when other people are around--I thought my roof was a reasonably quiet place in the city to snap a few pictures, but a random passerby in the alley below watching my process and shouting "hello" up to me proved that privacy in a city is relative. Anyway, I'll be talking more about locations in my photo tip tomorrow.



  1. that dress is gorgeous! love the structure!



  2. i am the SAME about taking photos. you're too funny. and this dress is absolutely divine!

  3. Love your blog and especially appreciate your photo tips! Thanks.

  4. Love the dress, I typically stay away from overly complicated outfits too, but this looks lovely on you. I agree about the tripod thing, it's much easier when it's just you and the tripod..but then there's almost always an awkward audience..

  5. you look amazing!!


  6. Wow, I wasn't expecting such lovely back details on the dress. Lovely combination of colours.

    Great location (as always :) ) and I can't what for the nexy photo tip Tuesday.

  7. You rock that paleness, it's hot! ;)


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