Do I Dare Disturb The Universe?

The question "do I dare disturb the universe?" has been on my mind lately--it's from a T.S. Eliot poem I discovered in an article on my favorite author who referenced it in terms of her writing. Writing which often made people uncomfortable by asking questions without easy answers and broadening minds; disturbing the comfortable universe they have created for themselves. Many of us little in a self-manufactured universe of half-truths and find ourselves uneasy when presented with other realities like different beliefs, lifestyles, etc. I see individual universes as comfort zones we live in and dislike being forced out of. Most of that is aside from the main questions on my mind, that being: do I dare disturb the universe? Do my friends? When people say things I am vehemently opposed to how often do I choose to leave the universe alone, to remain silent in fear of rocking the proverbial boat? I feel quite often that I am meek when I should be brazen...

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  1. I've been feeling the other way, lately - maybe it's got to do with age - where I need to be more meek (meeker??) than brazen. Usually I would jump in at anything anyone said, 'daring to disturb the universe', the other person's universe, but not allowing my own universe to be disturbed. With time I have come to find myself faced with a kind of attitude from me that I never ever thought possible: the don't judge. Because I was easy to judge what others said, thought, did, I created mental pictures of people that even if they did correspond to the reality - I pride myself on being an excellent judge of characters - they still had a reason to say, think, do, be who they were. I try to not jump in as much with my opinion and just accept that people see and feel things in different ways. BUt I do love to have my universe disturbed from time to time, in small ways, it is how I find my personal growth, it's how I get the amazing gift of being confronted with other points of view that sometimes send me in such a thought spiral that I suddenly find myself seeing things with a new eye. I love that.

  2. There's something about this topic that I am inherently attracted to. I actually made a relevant post just recently, similar theme with a different topic. :)

  3. What is this abundant cuteness from a nautical/preppy look?! You seem rather lost or magical in such a setting. Still lusting after that coat, I am.

    I'm always a believer of peace, that things which offer no solution should just be left alone. Agree to disagree. Unless, of course, someone falls victim to a certain statement, which someone else uttered. It's only fair to put a stop to such harm, the truth to their words notwithstanding. We can always criticise nicely and graciously, without causing an uproar.

  4. Omg, FLOWERS IN YOUR HAIR!!! Lumineers you must give it a listen

  5. I am intrigued by the thoughts you share here, but am admittedly distracted by the glorious beauty of the surroundings in your photographs. So many beautiful flowers, it looks like a place where magical things are sure to happen

  6. I feel very much the same way. Typically I would rather not disturb anyone's inner world with my opinions so I tend to keep them to myself...that is unless I'm speaking with a close friend. In this case I love a round of healthy debate.

  7. gorgeous photos!! those flowers are spectacular!

  8. what a magical setting! drooling over all that ground-cover.


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