Forgotten Mill

I tend to describe my style as feminine, perhaps a little ladylike; quirky is another favorite descriptor, but I also have my practical side. Which means while I'd like to spend most days in a tutu with little jeweled heels (ahem) I'd also like to not twist my ankle or ruin a nice skirt while doing other things I enjoy like exploring abandoned buildings or merely enjoying a walk off the beaten path. So my tutus are reserved for less strenuous days and I have a ready arsenal of more utilitarian pieces to help me on my adventures. For poking around in an abandoned mill nothing beats a cozy coat and sturdy boots. I recently received these adventure-ready boots from Cat Footwear and I'm almost sad it's spring so I won't have much opportunity to wear them when the weather warms up--they would have been very handy this past winter! There is also something empowering about being bundled against the wind with some thick boots on your feet; you feel able to go anywhere, climb any fence, trip down any dark alley, etc. So while tomboy will never be my official style it's a nice feeling to experience every once in awhile.

Outfit details:
dress via Gilt
*pictures by Thomas


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