Green Elephants On Parade

My strongest memories of the film Dumbo (which comes to mind with the phrase "elephants on parade") is actually not watching it, but attempting to. When I was younger I was quite immune to the punishment of timeout or being sent to my room so my parents tended to get creative in the ways they responded to misbehavior. A popular punishment was a ban from television or movies--so I have a very strong memory of my family sitting down to watch Dumbo and I wasn't allowed to watch as well. Being the sneaky and determined child I was, I kept attempting to watch the movie by inching into the room with my back to the screen while watching the film in the reflections on picture frames hanging on the wall opposite of our television. I don't think I ever did end up sitting down to watch Dumbo properly but certain songs and moments are still fixed in my mind. I hardly know if it's related but I still have a fondness for elephant prints and figures--especially when they come in a color that perfect matches my favorite jacket and compliments my best spring purse.

Outfit details:
Anthropologie jacket
Nine West heels (old)


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