Moving On

Here's a quick throw-back to PA. These were actually taken the day of my flight to Ireland. My friend wanted a few pictures in the covered bridge and after her set was complete she snapped a few for me. It was quite odd to actually do things the day that I flew--usually the last day before a flight is spent re-packing my suitcase (I like to pack and then repack in an attempt to weed out more items the second time through), checking that all essential items are in my carry-on, sending a few last minute e-mails, and generally fussing and worrying. I travel alone enough that it's not as if I'm overwhelmed by nerves, but rather knowing that I will be alone if my flight gets delayed or canceled and potentially stuck at an unfamiliar airport by myself makes me want to be as prepared as possible. I barely had nerves this time since I was flying to see my boyfriend Thomas; I knew he would be waiting at the Dublin airport to pick me up and he'd be generous enough to buy me a new toothbrush if I forgot mine and hadn't gotten the proper currency yet! And spending the day of my flight hanging out with my good friend took most of the lingering pre-flight jitters away.
P.S. This isn't what I wore on the plane though--rather what I wore for morning errands and early afternoon hang-outs. I always wear my bulkiest shoes (boots) and coat on the plane to save room in my luggage for other pieces and my carry-on bag was a little bit bigger than this lovely red satchel.

Outfit details:
ASOS trench coat (customized)
JCrew purse 
*pictures by Kate


Rebekah Bradford said...

I'm assuming that's a covered bridge 'cause it really looks like one. Anywho, I love it. I live up in NE Ohio and there are a ton of covered bridges there, so this basically looks like my backyard. So yeah, love your purse! I really want it! It's awesome!

Natasha said...

I love this simple dress and I never pair brown with black and white but it looks so good. I will have to try it.

Nikki Williams said...

ah i love that dress! the black and white is perfect!



Anonymous said...

when w ill y ou start l o o ki ng y ou r age

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

so adorable! love the location of these photos.


abbycake said...

Love that geeky handbag!! It's adorable.
xx Abby || a geek tragedy

Federica said...

I love the purse!your outfit is amazing!

Ruby Sterland said...

You are so adorable, love this outfit! x


~K said...

I do the same when I have to travel :) It's sneaky but affective.

Isa Machado said...

Fantastic look dear! ;)

Isa M., Tic Tac Living
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