Music Is My Boyfriend

When people are talking about what musical instruments they play I always like to quip that "I play the radio." Of course when I was younger I did take piano lessons and was decent, but ultimately lost interest and drive as a teenager and have since barely touched an instrument. I actually have a guitar waiting in the corner of my room for me to get my act together, but for now the radio remains my main instrument. Still, like most people, despite not being a member of a 60s influenced girl pop band, I quite enjoy music and it's usually a big part of my day whether working on my laptop or driving somewhere it's hard to imagine what a day would be like with complete silence. (Which also reminds me that I need to start posting playlists again...) I used to have a music note top I wore often in college but it seems to have disappeared in one of my post-college moves, so I'm happy enough to replace that tee with this loose-fitting dress that's such a perfect "throw it on and go" basic.

Outfit details:
self made dino bobby pin
vintage radio
*pictures by Thomas


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