Rathlin Island

On my last visit to Northern Ireland Thomas's work meant most of our explorations were limited to places near his home we could visit in the evenings, but this time things conspired to give our schedules more flexibility. Between Easter holidays and the end of a few projects Thomas has been able to take me to some of his favorite spots a bit further away--such as Rathlin Island. A brief ferry ride through the "Sea of Moyle" and you arrive to a small island with an old-world feel seeped in history and legend. We hiked out to the East lighthouse to a couple of old ruins at the edge of the Atlantic with seals basking in the sun on the nearby rocks. It was a beautiful place to visit and on a sartorial note, my cardigan made me feel like someone out of a French New Wave film...

Outfit details:
vintage shoes
Rebecca Minkoff backpack


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