Red Phone Booth

Excuse me while I act like the American I am and get a kick out of a red telephone booth--it's better than attempting to turn faux British, no? I feel like I must justify many of my recent photographs and ramblings by stating "I'm a tourist." Anyway, aside from novelty I think this neglected red box surrounded by white blooms (and frighteningly filled with cobwebs) is actually a rather pretty spot. I find the chipped paint and faded lettering rather charming. I suppose next on my stereotypical UK tourist highlights reel should be a double decker bus--hopefully I can find one rusting away in a field since abandoned objects are always more likely to catch my eye.



  1. These photos are fantastic (as usual!) I love how your hair and dress are almost a perfect match to the phone booth.
    I'm not sure what it is about those old telephone booths, but they bring out the tourist in everyone!
    I hope you're enjoying your time away. I've really enjoyed all the photos you've been sharing so far.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the bright orange dress and how it matches your hair, so chic! Fab boots too! <3

  3. When I first read that I thought you said you got kicked OUT of a telephone booth, haha.

    What absolutely gorgeous scenery.

  4. ✪Thank you, thank you for this✪
    You look devastatingly cute and it inspires me - I'll get my friends to take some nice pics of me in the french countryside. And I won't have to be embarassed one bit, because in France everybody but the french is a tourist XD

  5. i'm so crazy about those boots!!


  6. Always love a book-inspired clutch.

  7. Beautiful photos and an inspiring outfit!

    You're so awesome!


  8. This red with your hair? Amazing!! You look beautiful!!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  9. lovely dress, love the combo with leather jacket!!

  10. Gorgeous setting! The white blossoms really add some magic to the photos. You look like a painting, with your vibrant hair and flawless porcelain skin. I've been lusting over that purse forever

  11. Wow, I just love that phone booth in the background!! You find the coolest places to take pictures!

  12. I think you shouldn't have to say that you're a tourist for taking pictures in quirky places. A beauty is a beauty. Carrie of WishWishWish loves to take pictures in front of red phone boxes too. Enjoy your time! Live your life! S'okay to be weird and crazy once in a while ;)

  13. These are once more such beautiful pictures, its a great setting next to that bright postbox! I love the book clutch, but sadly its out of stock! oh well! :)


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