Apple Blossom Season

I nearly missed apple blossom season before I left Ireland--we took these pictures on the sunset of my last day in Northern Ireland. The blossoms weren't as full as they probably are now, but the orchards were still very beautiful and striking. Summer will always be my favorite season, yet there's definitely something wonderful about spring as the world goes from cold and grey to full bloom overnight. Ironically my dress echoes the spring blossoms, when I acquired this dress last fall and wore it around the farm in Ireland while the orchard was full of apples and picking season was nigh. I left the dress at Thomas's house (along with these heels! and a few other pieces) last October when I returned to the States. I suppose it was rather forward of me to leave pieces behind, assuming I'd receive an invitation to visit again, but since it did work out it was quite convenient to have a few pieces waiting at his house to wear and save me space in my suitcase for other things. I won't even say how many pieces I left behind this time, but leaving things does feel like a silent hope for a speedy return.

Outfit details:
thrifted belt
Seychelles heels (old)
*pictures by Thomas


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