Despite the awkwardness of our last shoot together Thomas and I were still interested in getting a few more pictures together. This photoshoot was mostly less awkward (there was a moment when some cows in a field bordering this area decided to stick their heads through the trees to watch us) although still rather difficult to shoot--it's hard enough to get the focus right on one individual when you're using a self-timer or remote and about twice as difficult to frame the image and get the correct focus when you're shooting two. Still we had fun a lot of fun messing around in this scenic little path near his home. It's also nice to have these photos together especially since my visit to Northern Ireland coincided with our one year anniversary; even if we only get a few nice pictures together once or twice a year it will be nice to have some document of our time together to look back on beyond postcards, texts, Skype chats, and so on.

I'm wearing: UO headband, Anthropologie jacket, Sheinside dress, Modcloth tights, Seychelles boots
Thomas is wearing: Aran sweater, Topshop jeans, River Island shoes
*pictures by Thomas & me


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