Cream of the Crop

I have a couple of cropped sweaters I like wearing over dressed in fall and winter and now I'm slowly adding some cropped tops to my collection. I was quite resistant to the crop top at first since I hate crunches and nearly every article that mentions crop tops also goes into some body-shaming of suggesting we all amp up our spring exercises in order to look "appropriate" in these shorter tops, but after trying one on it a store with a high waist skirt I was won over (they're quite demure on petite a petite person, no?). Moreover, one of my favorite summer lines is something along the lines of "want a bikini body? have a body, put bikini on body, enjoy the summer." Too often the magazines and articles that are telling us about the latest trend are also telling us who can and can't wear it--when ultimately everyone is allowed to wear the clothes they want. Admittedly I'm still not completely comfortable in a bikini, but I'm one step closer to caring about all that nonsense less. I want to wear fun clothes, but ultimately I want to forget about what I'm wearing once it is one--the fun is in picking out the closet then going forth and being so comfortable in your clothes you can focus on the rest of your life.

Outfit details:
H&M crop top (similar)
old flats (similar)
Zara purse


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