The Grass Is Greener

This dress makes me feel like a cheerleader…in a good way despite the fact I spent a good deal of my high school years rolling my eyes at the cheerleaders in my school. Of course, in retrospect I've most of my resentment for them came from stereotypes rather than the reality. Anyway, I like the flirty style of this skirt and it's the easy sort of piece I like to pack in a suitcase since it mixes well with basics. I think next time I visit Thomas I'll pack less practically--less neutrals and more fun would be nice to have in my suitcase for once...

Outfit details:
Seychelles oxfords
Zara purse
*pictures by Thomas



  1. This dress is adorable! Navy blue suits you so well, and it's nice how you paired it with cognac accessories and shoes. Lovely!

  2. i love your nail color!


  3. Terrific outfit post Rebecca. I am surprised you did not wear your flat navy vintage shoes. Would you wear something like this or is it too casual?

  4. Having never had cheerleaders in school, I have to go on what I see on TV haha.

    It's also has a little bit of a sailer vibe to I think. I do like it paired with the tights.

  5. These photos are gorgeous. The vibrant green and bright blue look so pretty together.

  6. @Anonymous, I did wear this dress with those vintage sneakers in this post. Part of the reason I packed it was it could be worn a couple of different ways, so I don't think sneakers are too casual with it. It's all about personal preference anyway and making the other accessories and pieces suit it--if you curl your hair, put on red lipstick and loads of jewelry then sneakers I think it would be odd, but a ponytail, knee high socks, and coordinate the look in other ways and it makes sense. :)


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