6 Pieces 7 Outfits With Shop Ruche Part 1

details: boater hat (similar), dress (worn as top), chambray skirt, vintage belt, sandals

details: trench coat, sunglasses, polka dot top, chambray skirt, saddle shoes

details: floral cardigan, striped dress, self-made bow belt, old heels (similar)

Shop Ruche challenged me to take 6 pieces from their shop and create 7 outfits built around those pieces. I'm no stranger to a remix (aka wearing the items in your wardrobe multiple times) but it was still tricky to think of 7 outfits using only those 6 pieces as the "clothes" part, adding accessories like shoes, headbands, and belts were an encouraged necessity, but it was a fun challenge. Here are 3 of my 7 outfits--check out Shop Ruche's blog for all 7 looks.



  1. Do you have a tutorial for that bow belt? It's too cute!

  2. @Stacia, no sorry. I made it a few years ago on a whim with scrap material--I didn't know what I was doing & I never got around to making another.

  3. that denim skirt is perfect! love it!




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