Carnival Days

When I moved to Hawaii I was surprised to learn my high school held a school carnival; it was a way for the school to fundraise but with rides and booths it seems to me like something out of a movie or musical (the end of Grease anyone?). I didn't know schools could put on such elaborate carnivals! Apparently, it's far more common than I thought because here in Lancaster is another school with a carnival. It was definitely worth the entry fee to feast on fried oreos and experience some childhood nostalgia. While the junior high I attended in Washington State didn't have a carnival we did have a "fair day" every year where we didn't have school and got free tickets to the Puyallup Fair. I always enjoyed the junk food and rides and my parents would usually let me run around with friends for a few hours to play in photo booths and spend our money on ill-advised grab bags and dolphin balloons. Going to this carnival wasn't quite like being thirteen again, but I did have a good time and it was the perfect setting for one of my new favorite dresses. This dress is one of those pieces I like so much I don't wear it immediately, but rather hang it in prominent view in my bedroom and try to imagine the perfect outfit around it. In the end it was a hot evening and I decided the dress would look best with simple accessories, but I'd really like to figure out to how remix it in interesting ways since it is so pretty.

Outfit details:
FOSSIL purse (old, similar)
old flats (similar)
*pictures by Jon, edited by me



  1. So pretty and colorful. It's the perfect dress for a carnival. I like your pony tail too.

  2. It looks like your dress is directly reflecting the colors and shapes around you! Amazing. Gorgeous photos and outfit - your hair ribbon is a cute finishing touch :)

    I'm running my very first giveaway on my blog this week, and I'd love for you to check it out!


  3. Ohmigosh! That dress is absolutely perfect for the bright lights of a carnival!

  4. It's really the perfect dress for the carnival <3

  5. amazing photos! that dress is perfect!

  6. Fabulous shots! Alex

  7. i love this..the photos are sooo pretty and your story is did i not remember you lived in hawaii? i want to send you something..i moved off the island recently but still have a little something i keep with me from home and we need to do another exchange..i say it all the time but that belt you sent me is still my favorite..=) xoxo
    btw, was your family in the military that's why you moved all over?

  8. Ahh! Fair Days at the Puyallup Fair were my favorite growing up. In 7th grade we had a special lunch day at the fair as well.

  9. Very cute pictures, love how you styled your hair with a simple red ribbon!!

  10. I am amazed to see how the makers of that dress can steal from Chanel without getting sued..

  11. that dress is so cute! your photography is always so stunning


  12. It's been ages since I've been to the fair, there's normally a few during the year here in Belgium but we missed the last one.

    Seriously awesome dress!

  13. That dress fits nso well with the fairground backdrop! It really looks like Chanel's S/S 2014 collection.

  14. So perfect! I love the warmth coming from the carnival lights. Your dress fits perfectly with the setting! I hope you had a really fun time!



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