Carnival Days

When I moved to Hawaii I was surprised to learn my high school held a school carnival; it was a way for the school to fundraise but with rides and booths it seems to me like something out of a movie or musical (the end of Grease anyone?). I didn't know schools could put on such elaborate carnivals! Apparently, it's far more common than I thought because here in Lancaster is another school with a carnival. It was definitely worth the entry fee to feast on fried oreos and experience some childhood nostalgia. While the junior high I attended in Washington State didn't have a carnival we did have a "fair day" every year where we didn't have school and got free tickets to the Puyallup Fair. I always enjoyed the junk food and rides and my parents would usually let me run around with friends for a few hours to play in photo booths and spend our money on ill-advised grab bags and dolphin balloons. Going to this carnival wasn't quite like being thirteen again, but I did have a good time and it was the perfect setting for one of my new favorite dresses. This dress is one of those pieces I like so much I don't wear it immediately, but rather hang it in prominent view in my bedroom and try to imagine the perfect outfit around it. In the end it was a hot evening and I decided the dress would look best with simple accessories, but I'd really like to figure out to how remix it in interesting ways since it is so pretty.

Outfit details:
FOSSIL purse (old, similar)
old flats (similar)
*pictures by Jon, edited by me


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