Down By The Schoolyard

It takes an awful lot of bobby pins and hairspray to maintain this hairstyle right now, but it was my favorite way to wear my hair when it was long and I'm quite excited to *almost* pull it off now. I always liked this style because I like the look of braids, but it's incredibly functional; it keeps your neck cool in summer and all your hair out of your face on windy days. A friend helped me snap these pictures in a nearby playground after we spent a few hours helping another friend pack up her house--it was a much needed break for all of us and my playsuit couldn't find a more fitting setting than an actual playground.

Outfit details:
ASOS trench coat (customized)
red flats (similar)
*pictures by Kate, edited by me



  1. your hair looks gorgeous!!


  2. I love your hair! I've been working on growing mine out so that I can style it that way too. As always, your outfit looks amazing and these photos are simply gorgeous.

    -Helen Grace

    Sweet Helen Grace

  3. Lovely setting and lovely pictures too! It really is the perfect hairstyle for summer, my hair is super long now (never had it this long before, it's down to my waist) and it get's really hot in the summer so this is the perfect combination of cute and functional :3

  4. adorable!!

  5. Super cute post. Your hair looks gorgeous!! X

  6. I like the dinosaur necklace! Do you make those yourself/where do you get the materials? I saw that they're sold in your shop--may have to pick myself up one :) Also, the hairdo is awesome. Love it with the playsuit and I'd say all the bobby pins are worth it! :)

  7. ONe of my favourite summer hairstyles!

  8. so cute!

  9. I need me some of your dino jewellery!

  10. Too cuuuuute! I love your hair like that.

  11. There's a playground just like this in the town where I attended college and I loved shooting there- I've been meaning to pay it a visit for photos and nostalgia, as I'm back for the summer. So fun! Makes me wish I had been able to discover it as a younger person to fully enjoy the play and imagination possibilities.


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