Shop Ruche Remixing

I've been shopping from Shop Ruche since 2008 and started working with them shortly after, so I have a long history with the shop and it still suits my style so well. For June they challenged me to take 6 pieces from their shop and build 7 retro outfits around the pieces. As a routine re-mixer I really enjoyed the challenge and most of the pieces were ones I would have bought myself--like this floral cardigan and chambray skirt. Check out their blog for the other 6 outfits I styled.



  1. Love that outfit. This is a little random, but I saw you at First Friday yesterday! I'm a fellow 717-er & always enjoy seeing Lancaster in the background of your pictures. I don't comment much but I always look forward to reading your blog!

  2. @Abby, oh nice! Hopefully I didn't look too grumpy--it was a long day. ;) It's always nice when First Friday starts again.

  3. i love that skirt!!


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