The Story Of A Man Who Followed A River

These flats look like my favorite styles to find in thrift stores--only a lot sturdier. I often found cute shoes in thrift stores during college only to wear holes in them within a couple of months of owning them. These shoes will definitely stand up to a beating, while the open-weave style means my feet won't completely overheat in the summer. I recently received a couple of pairs from Trask which I've been wearing this spring and they really are well-made--and all their shoes are made in the USA, a rarity in our times. My sandals are some of the softest, most comfortable ones I own. These flats offer a laid-back, vintage-y vibe while having the lasting power to take the beating I put my shoes through. It's sort of nice to wear the old with the new--a worn in vintage dress with fading print and bright, sturdy new flats without a mark on them. The dress holds memories I'll never know about, adventures it went on with different women, and the shoes hold the promise of being there for me as I make my own memories.

Outfit details:
boater hat (similar)
vintage dress
Aoko Su meow bracelet
Zara purse


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