I was very into the Japanese street style magazine FRUiTS when I was younger. I had two of the books that the magazine had compiled of the best images and used to study each individual's style and their short description of where they got their clothes or what they did or what their style was about. It was always inspiring to me when I read they made their own clothes or hearing what inspired them, but one particular bizarre caption has really stuck with me. One Lolita-inspired girl when asked about her style said "the third bow is on the inside." That line still haunts me today. What does it mean? A bow on her underwear? A proverbial knot in her heart? What? I still want to track her down and ask her why she gave such an enigmatic answer. Anyway, today I am wearing a dress covered in bows that haunting response comes back to me and I wonder once again at the mysteries of the universe...



  1. Oh my, you went blonde! LOVE it! Alex

  2. I used to *love* FRUiTS when I was younger! Japanese street style in general really. You've made me want to go back to browsing some photos again now!

    I love the dress, it's so cute. :)

  3. i just can't get over how much i love your hair!!


  4. You have the best dresses! Love this one!
    Pretty Lovely

  5. Girl you look adorable with that hair :D and the ootd is very casual and cute



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