I've been wanting a dress that looks like Delftware Blue pottery for awhile now, but a prettily blue and white patterned dress has alluded by grasp until now. Combined with my sweet new orange shoes almost seems a nod to the origin city's association with William the Orange. History lesson in an outfit? Not quite; I was more interested in the pretty color combination and the ease of both pieces. It's gotten quite hot and humid in my region lately with most days the temperatures near 90, so breezy pieces are pretty much a necessity. It's rather wild to consider how long and cold our winter was with nearly record snowfall now that we're in the height of the hot season and I'm melting like a proverbial snowman every time I leave my house.



  1. Lovely outfit and your photography is always beautiful!xx

  2. gorgeous dress! i love the print. and those sunnies are too cute!


  3. This outfit is beautiful! I'm always so impressed at how you coordinate colors. I would have never thought of wearing that dress with orange shoes, but it looks amazing!

    -Helen Grace

    Sweet Helen Grace

  4. Wow! I'm not normally drawn to bright colors, but those shoes are awesome! The dress and the shoes paired together is definitely something I would have never thought about... but it looked lovely as always.

  5. Your outfit is so lovely! The colours are amazing :)

  6. The shades are a great touch finale for the color scheme! It has a wonderful butterscotch bakelite look to it even though I know it's not vintage.

  7. pretty, pretty, pretty! the colors are so happy and bright but don't hurt the eyes. and, not to sound like a creep, but i'm kind of in love with how pale you are. i think it's rather stunning.

  8. I love all the overhead shots in this post! Absolutely gorgeous. And wow, those orange shoes are great.


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