Friday Casual

My photo-taking process is so much more relaxed in spring and summer. Even in winter when I'm excited to get outside and wander in the snow, my fingers are often near-frozen by the time I reach my destination and set up that I'm eager to shuffle home with only a few photos to show for my efforts. In spring I wander longer and farther, observing flowers and still creeks with a languid appreciation. Of course these seasons have their drawbacks as well--in winter I'm cold and I worry my car will get stuck in a snowdrift or I'll slip on ice, in spring I'm batting away mosquitoes and checking my legs for ticks after my adventures and usually walk back drenched in sweat. Still, I'll take the insects and occasional snake crossing my path any day over piles of snow and numbness in my toes.

Outfit details:
J Crew purse (old, similar)
vintage watch


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