For me, summer is a season of trying new things. In winter I tend to sink into a comfort zone of familiar novels, preferred silhouettes, and favorite food dishes--I usually make the same three recipes over and over again. But in summer I want to try new restaurants, find new authors, and yes, experiment with my style. I've worn a couple of maxi dresses this summer already, but this one is probably the most out of my comfort zone; with the ruffle trim and sheer sleeves I feel quite hippy-ish which is not a usual style reference point for me. It actually reminds me of "Gypset Style." The term comes from a combination of gypsy and jet set and was basically composed of trust fund nomads who traveled the world in private jets in gossamer dresses by 60s era Yves St Laurent, Zandra Rhodes, and so on. It was obviously a rather privileged and ignorant movement from rich kids who wanted to escape the rigid culture of their parents and did so by spending extravagant amounts of money seeking "authentic life." Still, I've read too many fashion magazines, so some of the Gypset imagery is embedded in my mind and this relaxed fit dress featuring luxe gem print reminds me of that now-vintage style and as much as I dislike the Gypsetters, I do like my new dress.



  1. Stunning <3 Alex

  2. You look dazzling! Such a beautiful dress and stunning photos! Love it <3

  3. These photographs are absolutely STUNNING.

  4. Love this outfit and these photos. The sunlight is darling. I totally get what your saying about experimenting with your style in the summer. I do the same thing in the winter, sink into old famille habits. It's nice to break that chain, I need to try and wear a maxi dress too. You've inspired me :)

    Love Rhiannon

  5. Love this dress on you and the pictures are spectacular!

  6. I agree, it's nice to get out of the comfort zone now and then, and Summer is the right season for experimenting new things. Such a stunning dress, green suits you so well! and awesome photos!!

  7. such lovely dress! and the previous post with Mel Stringer is gorgeous. so much girlie girl power <3

  8. I love your personal fashion risks Rebecca. You nailed this! What a rock star


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