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A day I never thought would come has come to pass: a day when Ireland felt too hot to me! Northern Ireland is a moderate climate and having checked the weather reports before I flew I packed a variety of thigh high socks and tights options in addition to jackets and coats "just in case." I didn't anticipate a week of beautiful weather and a day where I felt like I was melting under the sun's all-consuming glare. Luckily it was the weekend and we slathered on the sunscreen and headed for the coast to enjoy a day at the beach. Normally I'd go swimming but while the air was hot the sea felt like it could hold an iceberg--dipping my toes in was enough to instantly cool me off. And on hot days it's nice to be able to wear this braided hairstyle again; it stands up so well to wind or rolled down car windows and keeps your neck cool. I made a tutorial video back in 2010 which shows how I achieve this hairstyle. My hair might be shorter and blonder, but my method remains the same.

Outfit details:
Shop Ruche earrings
Rebecca Minkoff backpack (similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. oh, you are SO darling. I love these shots!

  2. Your dress is so adorable!

    Such a beautiful landscape & I think it's great to have an entire beach all for yourself.

    The Hearabouts

  3. your dress is really lovely! as well as the landscape.

  4. This looks dreamy as hell.


  5. gorgeous photos!! you are SO beyond beautiful


  6. you look amazing!!! that dress is so adorable.

  7. STUNNING photos! beautiful setting, beautiful outfit, beautiful girl! you are rockin' that blonde hair.

  8. I love wearing cute braided hairstyles on windy days or days where I don't want any fuss - you pull off the braided look perfectly!

    Sweet Spontaneity

  9. glorious photos! it's amazing how you are able to make these shots just as lovely as your usual ones, considering how these were taken at a seemingly different time of day (ie. harsher light). when i try to do that every shot just looks to unflattering, eep!

    also, i LOVE that lipstick shade. care to share what it is? (: it may be partly due to the treatment you used in the pics but it looks like a shade right up my alley...

  10. Your smile in the first pic is just beautiful! Your happiness is contagious :) love the orangy touch of the photos that compliment your dress. That last picture is amazing, very inspiring!

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  11. More like BEEch bunny ;)

  12. Are you at the White Rocks? I was there last weekend, such a lovely spot. My other half is from Bushmills so I'm over frequently during the year to visit his family. Lucky that they live in such a wonderful area. :-)


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