Crystal Palace Park

*dinosaur sculptures at Crystal Palace Park in London
Perhaps slightly unconventional but the seeing the dinosaur sculptures at Crystal Palace Park was on the top of my list of things to do in London. I have visited London before (remember when I had long red hair and was fresh out of college?), so I had seen some of the more traditional sights in the heart of the city. That is one of the great things about cities; you can visit them again and again and still find some corner you haven't seen before. Crystal Palace Park is on the outskirts of the city, but your Oyster card gets you there without hassle and a variety of signs and the sounds of excited children guide you directly to the dinosaur park. A fence unfortunately keeps you from climbing all over most of the dinosaur sculptures, but they're still pretty fascinating and after a busy week of tourist-ing around London it was a nice escape. I highly recommend a visit for anyone looking for a break from the crowded city (as long as you don't mind children, since it's a popular place for families). Eat a 99 Flake and rest your feet in full view of the Iguanodon sculptures.

Outfit details:
FOSSIL purse (old, similar)
*pictures of me by Thomas


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