Just Hold On We're Going Home

I recently updated by Instagram profile to state I was based between Pennsylvania and Northern Ireland and while it's one small line on a public profile it represented a big mental shift about where "home" is. For a lot of people home is where they grew up or where their family lives. Since I haven't lived in one place for more than three years the former isn't applicable and since my family is scattered all over the states the latter is impractical. For me "home" has largely been where the majority of my stuff is housed; i.e. my current residence of Pennsylvania where I've lived for two and a half years. Now, just as I've started to make roots my home seems to be shifting again; to Northern Ireland. Because that is where Thomas lives and that is who I want to live with. But there's things to be done before I can move overseas. So I'm back "home" in the States...or you know I'm in Pennsylvania where my stuff is.


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