Knee High

You can see the progression of our corn fields if you look at this post from July and today's pictures. It doesn't look quite "knee high by July" in those pictures, but it's nearly towering today. Pretty soon they'll turn gold and it will be time for corn mazes and hay rides. People in the countryside know how to enjoy fall. I'll miss these long, empty roads and quiet farms when I move. I'm usually driving to get somewhere, but I still find it relaxing to head out here and nearly have the road to myself. At night it's wonderful to drive through a forest and have your headlights light up the trees as you pass, but at night you can't beat a country road of rolling hills and beautiful blue skies.



  1. You've done it again. Your dress selection never ceases to amaze me and this red number is phenomenal. :-)
    I love everything about this dress and you take great shots in it which makes it that much better.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. That dress is gorgeous and looks so good on you! Loved it! xoxo

  3. that dress is gorgeous!


  4. I'm wondering, do you ever encounter cars when you're taking outfit photos in the middle of the road? What do you usually do?

  5. @Abby no, I choose roads that are quiet intentionally--this road has virtually no traffic. The only things I encountered while taking pictures were 2 bicyclists and a family walking their dog.

  6. The dress is lovely! I really like scallop edging, but the dress is even more special because it has it on all edges. Plus, the color is just awesome. I have yet to buy a red dress (but it is definitely on my clothes wishlist).

  7. Such a lovely location for photos. I wish we had some more quiet, rural areas around where I live.


  8. you look so gorgeous, that dress is amazing on you!

  9. What a beautiful dress, as always! You're gorgeous!

  10. I love this red dress!


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