Orange Creamsicle

*at the cliffs of Whitepark Bay, Northern Ireland

On my first visit to Northern Ireland we drove up several times, but barely left our car because of the rain. Then in the spring it was brisk but we walked along the most beautiful beaches and I saw Giant's Causeway for the first time. Now I had a chance to see it in the glory of summer with sunshine and heat and the ubiquitous 99 Flake trucks parked every few miles. People might speak English in Northern Ireland but sometimes it still feels like another language as you have to learn to call popsicles "iced lollies" and figure out what a 99 flake is (ps see here). On the topic of ice cream, this dress reminds me of that childhood classic: the orange creamsicle.



  1. Such great pictures and love your hair!

  2. So pretty! It's perfect for the summer!

  3. Lovely dress and great photos! I'm curious how you manage skin tone in photos. I would struggle to keep them from being too orange given the color of your dress and the location, but yours looks perfect. Do you manage this in the shot (white balance card?) or in post processing?

  4. Beautiful as usual! Your photos are always so inspiring to me.


  5. I always love seeing your photos! As always, your hair looks awesome, and I can't get enough of your sandals! x

  6. Oh, everything about this setting is so beautiful! Especially in the 2nd and 3rd photo's the colours of the rocks, your hair and your shoes go so well with your dress. I see no more perfect backdrop!

  7. @Valerie, honestly I'm so pale I never really worry about looking orange. I don't use a white balance card & I do some post-editing, but I never really had a problem with my skin looking too orange unless the whole picture is just too warm and then I usually just edit everything to be cooler you know? Sorry not really a pro at this stuff.

  8. Your orange dress is pretty, and the rock setting is stunning! Loving your pics of London :)

  9. these photos are breathtaking! i've been totally loving all of your posts lately. you are beautiful!



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