Pinkie Promise

sheinside jacket, slip dress (worn as top), thrifted belt, tulle skirt (similar), old sandals (similar), camden market purse
After a little at-home coloring fiasco (hint: don't overdo it on the toner or your hair might turn grey but I'll post more details later) I decided to take the plunge and dye my hair pink. I wanted to keep the blonde for a bit longer, but when things went wrong I decided pink was a better alternative than becoming a silver fox. I was tempted to wear a head-to-toe pink outfit to emphasize the new 'do but ultimately decided it was more fun to dress conservatively in contrast. No matter the color, these milkmaid braids are my favorite summer hairstyle and I've worn a variation of this outfit a good half dozen times. This skirt and slip dress as a blouse is one of my default looks; I mix up the belt, shoes, purse, and jacket but the base nearly always remains the same. There's no reason to mess with a good thing...Unless it is my hair I suppose! I'm not bored of messing with that yet.


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