Weekend Wedding Planning: The Invitations

*polaroid invitations

I suppose if I was more of an expert at this wedding planning thing I'd have more websites to read as guides or I'd be up to my elbows in magazines or something. But right now I'm wondering if someone ever created a handy timeline of when you should be doing what. As in, our first priority has been finding a venue and then seeing what dates are available. Next up was confirming the minister and starting our hunt for wedding photographers. I'm also browsing dresses online, but the next priority seems to be the wedding invitations. Especially with a "destination" wedding it seems very important that our guests get a formal invite with the exact date promptly so they can make travel plans and we can know our precise guest list so we can look into places for them to stay and so on.
Invitations seem to set the tone for your wedding--they can introduce your guests to your color scheme and let them know what to expect. I can't seem to make up my mind about the colors, so I'm hoping to keep the invitation in theme with the location (which we have decided on! more on that another time). Some of my favorite invitations are intricate laser-cut designs, but I think they're a little too modern for a rustic/romantic outdoor wedding. It's rather hard right now because with many aspects of the wedding I keep finding that I like multiple items and styles and instead of trying to figure out what my favorite is I'm trying to figure out what fits the day the best.
But what do you think: choose the wedding invitation (and other wedding accruements) you find the most fun or stick with a theme for cohesiveness?

*invitations by dawnswiss cottage designs & eco-recycling wedding invitation, respectively



  1. So excited for you!

    I say do what you want! Ultimately it's your day as a couple to make memories for the rest of your lives.

    My favorite wedding have been the ones that were a unique expression of the couple not the ones bound to tradition and expectation.

  2. It's all so exciting! ^^
    I don't care for traditions, but I like themes; If I were to marry, I'd choose a theme and a color scheme and stick with it. ^^ However I think laser-cut could go well with a rustic theme, though.

  3. There are wedding timelines people have made. I've seen it all on Buzzfeed before.

  4. Here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/these-diagrams-are-everything-you-need-to-plan-your-wedding#4b0e2ep

  5. If you want help keeping track of what/when to do stuff check out theknot.com I used it a lot at the beginning of my wedding planning, when I felt a little lost. I really think you should throw tradition out the window and just choose things that reflect you guys as a couple and your love. I'd also avoid trends and opt for more classical things that will still be beautiful and sweet fifty years from now. I got married last year and my husband and I planned everything and it ended up being the most magical day. I also ended up making our invitations myself bc I couldn't find any that had the vibe I wanted. Check out some of my wedding posts for inspiration


    The best of luck to you! I'm sure it will be beautiful!
    Xo, Randi

  6. For what it's worth, I'm a wedding photographer based out of Belfast! I don't know when your wedding is but if it would help you de-stress, you're welcome to check out my website. I'm a big fan and we have similar styles :)

  7. Go with what you find most fun :)! I'm a big fan of the laser cut design, and if you laser cut forest-y things, then thats still in theme, no?

  8. Check theknot.com. They have a good timeline of when you should do stuff and you can check stuff off too! It's been helpful for me!

  9. Real simple has a neat wedding planning checklist: http://www.realsimple.com/weddings/planning/wedding-planning-checklist-00000000000222/ ...I planned an elopement instead of a wedding but I probably would have used that if I had gone that route!

    I don't believe that the wedding invitations need to be the same color scheme as the wedding, if anything they should just be in line with the overall feel of the day - warmer for a casual wedding, or starker for a more formal affair. You can play around with the wording too, I think that makes a huge difference in indicating what people can expect. I've seen a few invitations that have maps attached - that could be a fun factor for you to include! You could have a graphic map of Ireland made which points out the ceremony and reception location as well as some of yours and Thomas' favorite places to visit in Ireland. If I were invited to a wedding abroad I would really appreciate something like that, because you can definitely count on the fact that I would be traveling around before and after the wedding!

    Also, if you're looking into photographers, I highly recommend the photographer my husband and I had: Jessica of Jessica Oh! Photography (http://www.jessicaohphotography.com/) - she does absolutely beautiful work, she LOVES to travel, she's super fun to hang out with, and she's just so good at capturing all the right moments and littlest of details. I suggest you check her out!

    Good luck with all the planning!

  10. Your timeline will be different compared to conventional I would think - they say 8 weeks before for invitations but I wanted people to be able to book work off in time so I sent mine out 6 months prior. A newer trend is to first send 'save the dates' - less work than the invite itself and lets people know when to book dates really early.
    Have fun wedding planning!

  11. I was at a party yesterday and I found a wedding invitation. It was super cute, they had made a mini book! It was very personnal but not too much as well (how they met, how he gave the ring and then all the informations for the wedding on other pages, but very lovely). I don't think it was pricey as well.
    On the pictures of you article, I like everything but not the last one because I think it's too dark for a wedding.
    Your wedding is in Ireland, you could play with green and clovers, fourth-leaved clover (your love, chance for you to find him accross the ocean: 1/100000)..
    Anyway, good luck (but most of all: good fun :) ) with all the preparations!
    * sorry for my English, I speak French.

  12. We used the check list from Off Beat Bride

    to keep track of the tasks, and then also used a spreadsheet for the budget and a massive notebook with list and sub-lists of all the things to do. Personally our theme was on toys & games, so we did our invitations to look like board game instructions and that helped people know what to expect. I think the laser cut ones do actually work for rustic, and whilst there's the modern element in there, it works to be both inspired by the past, and taking place in the present.

  13. The laser cut invites are gorgeous

  14. I work for a small wedding and events company and this is something that a lot of people go back and forth with. I don't know what your timeline is but I would recommend that do whatever you want to for the save the dates, which can be sent out as soon as you've chosen a venue/date. They are a great opportunity to show a little bit more personality. The invites will usually reflect the wedding itself a bit more. Though that's certainly not a requirement. But sending save the dates is a good stand in to let people know to start planning and gives you a little extra time to ponder over the invites themselves. Excited to see who you choose as your photographer!! Being from the PNW I love Sean Flanigan and Benj Haisch.

  15. that first one is so cute!!



  16. I have so many opinions about your wedding invitation that I know you are so waiting for so here goes... since I also follow your wedding board on pinterest I think the last invite with the dear and the sticks (though I don't know how that would ship) match your outdoorsy, classy, vintagey feel the best. Okay, now what's next?

  17. I love that you're basing your choices on the location. I also had a tough time picking colours, themes, etc, to the point where decision paralysis took hold of me. It's my biggest regret. While I was worrying about pink or turquoise, the event crept closer and my stress levels shot up. The funny thing is.. while I wasn't thrilled by the way our reception was going, our guests were having fun. They still tell us how much they loved our wedding.

    Anyway, from my experience I think a theme will be a huge help. It's a heck of a lot easier to coordinate the helping hands when there's a unifying 'something', whether it's a colour scheme or a mood.

    If you're looking for a list, I'd recommend checking out Off Beat Bride. It's very thorough. http://offbeatbride.com/checklist

    Another blog I loved was http://2000dollarwedding.com/. Sarah doesn't update anymore, but there is a whole treasure trove of ideas and discussions on wedding traditions still on the site.

  18. Hi Rebecca

    I found A Practical Wedding to be a really helpful website when I was wedding planning. They have various tools on their "engaged?" part of the site that could help you


  19. Hi!
    My name is Boris and I'm a Brooklyn-based designer and illustrator. My girlfriend loves your blog and mentioned that you were looking for wedding stationery that's fun and has an outdoorsy visual theme. I wanted to invite you to take a look at a wedding I recently designed stuff for that might peek your interest. Every part of the designs was personally designed for the bride and groom. Here's a link:


    And if you're looking for photographers I can't recommend Lovely Ember Photography enough. They're incredible!!

    Please let me know if I can be of some assistance to you for your big day. I'm just starting out and would be happy to give you a very foot-through-the-door price :)



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