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I'm barely engaged but Thomas and I are already trying to sort out a broad picture of what our wedding will look like and even visiting a few venues when we have the time. Part of me would like to put off some of these decisions, but I know it's best to try to plan things when we are in the same country. Wedding planning is complicated enough and it isn't fair to expect him to see all the venues by himself and try to describe them to me on Skype or to just put all the decisions onto one of us! As you can assume since we're looking at venues, we do intend to have our wedding in Northern Ireland--which makes it a destination wedding for my side of the family and requires a good deal of logistics (VISA applications ugh!). Anyway, since it's taking up a lot of my time I thought I'll start sharing some of my journey and inspirations here on a weekly basis. I created a couple of Pinterest boards to catalogue my inspiration, so you can see some of what we're envisioning if you check those. I've got my heart set on an outdoor ceremony but in Northern Ireland that could mean that we are giving out umbrellas as wedding favors...

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  1. Pinterest is the BEST for wedding planning. My board is my little baby <3 You two are the opposite of us! I'm from the Uk and he's from Maine :D Good luck! I can't wait to see more of your wedding plans.

  2. Your wedding will be lovely! I had an outdoor ceremony, and it rained on us, but I still wouldn't change it for the world! The rain added a magical touch to all of our photos, and I didn't care a bit that I was getting soaked during our pictures (though my dress got super heavy.) Just be sure you find an umbrella that goes with your wedding style that you want to use as a photo prop. We did some with and some without, and I love them!

  3. I somehow missed the post of you two getting engaged, but I want to say congratulations! That is so, so exciting and wonderful for you both. I have no doubts that you'll have the most beautiful ceremony and that you'll be a stunning bride! Congratulations again!

  4. Congrats on getting engaged! I missed that happening! lol! Well I bet your wedding will look amazing as you are so creative, and having it in Ireland will be amazing!
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  5. This so exciting! I'd be interested in seeing some of the venues you guys look at I bet they'll all be beautiful! :) I'm so glad you're moving here as well! It was the best decision I've ever made, I love everything about it. :)

  6. My former landlady married an Englishman in Wales. There was lots of frolicking around green fields with umbrellas and wellies, and it was all very elegant and charming. Can't wait to see what you do!


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