Beach Day

My last summer visit to the beach. Ironically for the handful of times I have visited the beach this year I have yet to go swimming there, in fact I don't think I've put on a swimsuit for over a year...Anyway, I still like going to the beach even if it just means walking along the shore or sitting in the sun with a book. This dress could lead to awkward tan lines I suppose, but since I'm pretty diligent with sunscreen it wasn't a real concern. I didn't anticipate it being the exact same shade as the water, but that was a pretty sort of kismet. After a warm day in the sun at the beach it's hard to realize people are going back to school, leaves are going to start changing, and the nights are getting longer. Fall seems really distant some days and perilously close other days...



  1. So pretty! I love going to the beach as well. I don't get to go often enough, maybe once every 5 years, so I get in the water and soak it up.

    I can't believe it's time for fall either... and that people are back in school. It seems strange to be an adult in the real world now.

    I look forward to seeing your fall outfits! I wish you could go shopping with me and tell me what to wear! Ha :)

  2. Adorable and so beautiful! I love how it goes perfectly with your hair color <3

  3. I have alwayas thought that a pale complexion isn't compatible with light shade dresses, but you are the demonstration that this rule is not always true!You are lovely with light colors, they make you resemble a charachter from a fairy tale!!

  4. love those sunnies!


  5. Wow, I love how this look is so different from the ones you usually post. That dress is so unique, and you look quite goddess-like in it. Perfect setting for the photos, as well, they are just gorgeous.

  6. oh what magical colors! just darling. and i am now craving for cotton candy. :p~

    those are some sweet earrings! are they starfish or just stars? i can't quite tell, but i already love them..

  7. Great dress!

  8. This looks like such a fun beach day. Love the colour of that dress as well as those fantastic sandals

  9. I have noticed that a lot of your dresses have open backs. I have a lot of these or want to purchase a lot of similar ones but I don't know what kind of bra to wear. I was wondering if you had any recommendations! Love your blog!

  10. @Morgan Krueger, yeah I have a rec--just e-mail and I'll give you a link/explain what I use:

  11. The earrings are such a precious detail. And that dress is GORGEOUS, but the link goes to the green version of it? Could you please link me to the blue one? I hope that isn't inconvenient!! Thank you x

  12. @Anonymous, it's the same dress--it just looks different b/c of the light & my editing. I'd say it's more blue in person than it looks in the shop. :)


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