She's Cheer Captain and I'm On The Bleachers

Something about this skirt is giving me "back to school" vibes. I think it might be the stars with trailing rainbows that reminds me of the Reading Rainbow logo, but maybe it's just the cartoonish print that looks like the patterned folders you'd buy in Elementary school or the stickers you'd use to decorate your locker. Whatever the reason I couldn't think of a more appropriate backdrop than some school bleachers which are as uncomfortable as I remember. Without being a big sports fan I still managed to sit through a few games on similar bleachers--not to mention the times I was forced to run up and down them in gym class. I never understand television shows or movies that act as if high school were the best years of your life; I was quite glad to graduate and have never wanted to go back...

Outfit details:
Cheap Monday tee (old)
old flats (similar)



  1. The skirt is adorable! Thank you for sharing today. have a lovely day!

    Anna Neumann from The Whistling Willow

  2. Great outfit! Now, I can't get Taylor Swift out of my head! lol

  3. That skirt is amazing!

  4. I love the skirt! Your hair also works so well with the look.

    Super cute!

    Caitlin | Saffron Skies

  5. This is such a cute, casual look. I love the print on that skirt!

  6. I honestly loved my highschool days, much more than college - that was the one that when I graduated I sighed in relief of never having to go back there in my life!!

  7. what a fun print! so cute!


  8. girl, I totally feel you about being so very happy to leave high school.
    And you look adorable, as always. I'm really loving the pink hair these days.

  9. That skirt is amazing, I need it! You look so cute.


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