Weekend Wedding Planning: The Hair

*Nancy Beaton as a shooting star & bridal star tiara by Erica Elizabeth design
In all my wedding research I've been stumbling across a variety of bridal crowns and hair accessories that are giving me heart eyes for days. What other day in your life do you have an excuse to wear a star-splanged crown? I don't see myself in a veil, but rather with my hair down and wavy with some sort of hair accessory to set it apart. I quite like the look of something sparkly or even a rough-cut crystal crown (very elemental and suiting an outdoor wedding), but in the end, I think I'll go for something simpler--I love the relaxed quality of something rustic and natural like a flower crown. For my wedding I'm thinking a simple design like a dried baby's breath crown; understated and a perfect compliment to a romantic dress, no? I wonder though, could I also convince my bridesmaids to wear similar headgear? I'm usually the only one in my crowd wearing a flower crown...

*Elemental Child crown, Hushed Commotion accessory, Folk wedding, & Violette&Iris baby's breath crown



  1. Of course your bridesmaids will play along - who wouldn't? =) I should think it would make them feel very special.

    My husband and I host a traditional Scandinavian Midsommar party every year, and in the last hours before the party, a small team of friends and I make fresh flower crowns and boutonnieres for every one of the guests, as it is tradition for everyone (men and women alike) to wear flowers on this fertility festival. The crowns make a great party favor; all my friends and I hang our crowns up on our walls to dry, and each year, the old crown is replaced with the new - it's a nice tradition!

  2. Beautiful! It seems like the only excuse to wear such a gorgeous hair accessory is a wedding, I think we should change that. Though you should still take full advantage of it of course;)

  3. Love the flower crown! It's a perfect romantic detail!


  4. brides wearing flower crowns are my favorite!


  5. It seems you are set with the flower crown, which I'm sure will be as lovely as the ones you've been wearing so far. But Stars...now that's special! And it would bring with it a sense of magic and wonder that I'm sure would be most fitting.
    Happy search!


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