Weekend Wedding Planning: Just For Fun

*Kate Spade earrings
After a rather tiring week between re-location pains, visa stresses, and sorting out more wedding details it's rather nice to focus on some general wedding fluff. It's funny how you can't find the perfect wedding shoes but suddenly find yourself desiring all these other little bridal-related products that you absolutely do not need. It's also weird to think I will be a "Mrs" a some point in the future. Labels are weird and I hardly think of myself as a "Miss" now--I'm just Rebecca. But anyway, I kind of want those silly earrings.



  1. Since I work in a school, I was always "Miss Satterlee" and quite frankly loved that. It was sort of weird switching to "Mrs. Olson" especially now that I'm a different school where that's all I've been known as. I like it and it is certianly easier for the smaller kiddos to remember but a strange switch. I think if you're not in a field where you get referred to by your last name, it is an odd thing to consider.

  2. The 'mrs' earrings are totally cute. You should just get them.

  3. Oh, that bunting is just gorgeous!

  4. i love the bridal hanger!!




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