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My wedding shoes are giving me a bit of a dilemma. I keep finding styles I like and then thinking "oh but will these work outdoors?" A lot of heel styles will sink into the ground so I need to look for flats or wedges, but I'm not finding a lot of "bridal" feeling flats and wedges. The ones I tend to like are simple, elegant and a little sparkly. I actually think blue shoes would be very fun, even if I don't follow all the traditions of the day they can be my "something blue" but I haven't found many bridal-looking blue shoes either...And since I haven't decided on a dress I might want to put off picking a shoe until I know my exact dress, but I know I need to have it figured out by the time I do a dress fitting so the skirt length will coordinate with whatever heel height I decide on and I do know what style dress I want so I can discern what sort of shoes would coordinate. Anyway, as you can see I just keep going in circles. When I want to be decisive I end up being wishy-washy. In my defense I will say I haven't found a shoe I really love yet; I haven't seen something that I immediately think "I need to have that" and envision myself wearing it on my wedding day. So perhaps it's just a hunt right now for that glass slipper...
Everyone's been really helpful with advice on wedding checklists and such, so does anyone have a tip on where to find practical and pretty outdoor wedding shoes? Or flats that look appropriately bridal?



  1. Hi! :) I just started reading your blog (it's great!) and I love seeing people plan their weddings. I actually own this pair of shoes--I have no idea if it's what you're looking for--but as soon as you said "good for outdoors" and "possibly blue" I had to at least show them to you!

    They're sold out on MC, but there are a lot of places you can find them if you decide to look into them.

    I'm at www.darling-mine.blogspot.com or ktypewriter@gmail.com--let me know what you think of them! :) Good luck!

  2. i don't have any tips for you, but i will say that many of my friends who had outdoor weddings wore swedish hasbeens. i thought it was a pretty unexpected choice, but it worked well for them!

  3. How about a really chunky, lower heel?

  4. I know they make little plastic pieces to put on the end of your heels to stop them from sinking into the ground, specifically for weddings! My friend used some for her special day. They're pretty genius, and then your shoe choice isn't limited, so maybe look into those? Because I love all these shoes you've chosen!
    <3 Mariah

  5. https://www.thesolemates.com/our-products/

    Yes, you can sort of see the little clear clip thing. But it prevents you from haven't to make a practically choice and allows you to pick whatever you want.

  6. I really wanted blue shoes but couldn't find any that were "bridal" enough with the right heel height (2-3 in). I ended up finding the perfect pair of white bridal shoes and getting them dyed blue. So that's always an option!

  7. You could get something with a smaller heel and get some elaborate and/or vintage shoe clips?

  8. I have those top shoes and they are lovely, but yes, for outdoor the heel sinking in the dirt is annoying. I could definitely see you rocking some cute flats, if not for the ceremony, maybe for the reception :)

  9. From the point of view of a seamstress.
    If you haven't found your shoes by the time of the first fitting, take a pair that are the right height or at least the height you know you won't go above.

    Also for all fittings it's a good idea to wear the underwear you plan to wear on the day es. if you're going for a fitted style. It's surprising a bra can change a persons shape and how much they can affect the way the dress fits.

  10. I had a similar dilemma for my wedding last September. I loved those top BHLDN shoes too but ended up going with Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic in Seafoam. The wooden heel was perfect for our mountain terrain and they were pretty comfy as well. Not to mention they were the perfect color and vintage look I was wanting. Oh, and I can still wear them and that's pretty fun tooI had a similar dilemma for my wedding last September. I loved those top BHLDN shoes too but ended up going with Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic in Seafoam. The wooden heel was perfect for our mountain terrain and they were pretty comfy as well. Not to mention they were the perfect color and vintage look I was wanting. Oh, and I can still wear them with other dresses too and that's pretty fun. :)

  11. I was going to suggest the same thing Lacy Days did.

    Enjoy all the planning - it all goes by so fast.

  12. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I love your blog! My hubs and I are the same height so I ran into the same problem of finding suitable wedding shoes that are flats. It took quite a bit of shopping, online and off but I finally came across these: http://www.bluefly.com/pour-la-victoire-sand-snake-embossed-leather-pointed-toe-braelyn-flats/p/321572802/detail.fly They look rather tan in these photos but I would call them more of a creamy off-white in person. I liked the bit of "edge" the snakeskin texture added, but the same texture seemed to pick up on the lacey-ness of my dress. They were also comfortable the whole day long - not a blister to report! Best of luck to you - it may take some searching but I know you will find just the right thing that sings to you, don't stress! <3 Stacey

  13. I saw pictures of an outdoor Scottish wedding last year that I think might serve as some nice inspiration. While it's probably not exactly what you're doing but it might give you some ideas. She wore sparkly Toms shoes instead of heels. The photographer is Caro Weiss, whose pictures are rather stunning and natural. The link for the outdoor wedding: http://www.caroweiss.com/wedding-photography-blog/emilie-ewan/

  14. I wore red shoes and had a red belt, and my man had a red-ish bow tie, it was so fun! I wore these Tsubo ones: http://www.alreadypretty.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/dufay.jpg and they were the best decision I've made. I wore them ALL day - and didn't take them off till we got back to our hotel (I'm short and he's tall, but I don't wear heels often, so it was nice to reach his head for a change :D)
    I highly recommend wearing something comfortable and maybe not buying online, but every bride has her own priorities :)

  15. the first pair are so cute!



  16. Hello from Singapore! This is the first time I am commenting:)

    My advise for you will be to find something you are comfortable wearing. I had bought really high heels (my "ideal shoes") 2 years in advance of the wedding, thinking I could practice and will definitely be able to walk in them by the time my wedding comes (considering I wear heels most of the time).
    I never got used to them. And I only found my perfect wedding shoes 1 week before the wedding!

    Honestly, the most important thing about the wedding is that your family, friends and you enjoy yourselves. People who care about you will not be upset over mismatched shoes:) Moreover, shoes will be covered if you're wearing full length dress.

    Sorry to be such a nag, but this is what I learnt after my wedding 2 weeks ago. Nonetheless, enjoy the planning process. It's a huge part of the fun;)

    Lastly, congratulations!


  17. https://www.shopheylady.com/details.php?products_id=107
    These shoe people make really pretty apparently comfortable wedding shoes, although the shoes are fairly expensive...

  18. I wore flats to our second ceremony (my American parents weren't able to make our legal ceremony in Britain). Essentially, I wanted my flats to be the 'something blue,' so I went for a lovely indigo blue flat. They weren't really 'bridal,' but they were really bright and unique and suited my personality (and the peacock feathers in my hair!).

    My advice would be: find shoes that are unique and that you love and that suits you. Don't worry about them looking 'bridal' so much.


  19. Have you tried shoesofprey.com?

    They let you design your own handmade shoes and they prices are pretty reasonable ($100-$300 depending on your design and materials) so you could design ballet flats, oxfords or wedges with lace glitter and whatever else you want.


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