What's The Season?

Since several weather reports are calling for a colder-than-typical winter and last winter was bad enough with snow for at least four months straight, I'm enjoying these last days of warmth and sunshine. Yes, yes fall is coming and we can start eating pumpkin treats, but man isn't it nice to leave your house without five layers of clothing and wear whatever shoes you want without fear of slipping on ice? So it looks a bit like summer in today's photographs and it felt like it too and I'm quite alright with that.


Nikki Williams said...

these photos are so beautiful! love that skirt!


Marta said...

Fantastic look and really loving the


Tamara said...

This whole outfit is absolutely adorable! I especially love that skirt :).


Revital said...

such a cute skirt I love it! I have the same one in black


Nicola J said...

Love those unicorn bags, just wish they were a little bigger!


Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

I keep growing more and more in love with your stunning photos, Rebecca! <3 And also: yay unicorn bag!

Lost in the Haze

Sofia H. said...

LOVE the unicorn bag.

sometimesflowers said...

I found your Instagram account recently, which brought me to your blog. Your photos are so dreamy and your outfits are adorable. I look forward every day to a new story through photos!