Haunted House

Yeah, so I have no reason to believe this house is haunted, it just looked cool and spooky so we decided to take a few pictures in front of it. It was marked as a historic house in the area although it's been turned into a business now. Before stumbling across this beautiful (and slightly spooky) house, we spent our morning searching for the infamous Beetlejuice house. Although based in Connecticut it was filmed in East Corinth, Vermont. Unfortunately as we learned from locals while wandering around East Corinth, the facade of a house stayed up for a few years but was eventually torn down...We didn't quite do our research on that one.

Outfit details:
UO shorts (old, similar)
old socks
old boots (similar)
vintage purse
*pictures by Thomas


Miranda said...

love all that orange/fallen leaves! it's still a million degrees in the south and most trees are green. boo.

Ruby Sterland said...

That house looks amazing! If not a little scary... Love your hair colour by the way x


Megan said...

What a beautiful (and kind of spooky looking) house! Loving all of your photos from Vermont. Vermont in the fall is now one of the things on my "bucket list" for sure... Also love the outfit, looks so comfy!

Louise Williams said...

Amazing house...but seriously, those boots!! Want!



Alexandra Marie said...

This is seriously the coolest place to do pictures! Alex


stylewise said...

Beautiful house! I think it's in the Painted Lady style, right? I'm a bit envious of the leaves in Vermont, but I think we're just a bit behind in Virginia. We'll get there soon enough.

IrishRedRose said...

Oooh, my dream house. Very Addams Family-ish. :-) Nice photos, too!
Love Vermont. Only been once--I have family there--I think I envy them. It's so lovely.

Nikki Williams said...

that shirt is so cute!

xx nikki

prudence yeo said...

Such a cute bat print top! Chic look!


MarieBayArea said...

That's a great historical house. loves it. And you're perfectly matched to it. Fantastic Halloween theme photoshoot.

Ashley Simmons said...

Your lace up boots are so cute and stylish. And oh my gosh I'm in love with the back of those tights! Those little hearts are so unexpected.

I like the setting of where you took your photos! Great place to take photos.