Hello October

It's officially October so time to bust out the skeleton sweaters, tights, and hair clips, no? I've actually never been a big Halloween enthusiast and I don't like scary movies, however Thomas loves Halloween and scary movies and his enthusiasm is contagious. He's going to be back in the States soon and I'm excited to share some fall traditions with him--visiting a pumpkin patch, going on a hayride, getting lost in a corn maze, and eating apple cider donuts! Interestingly enough, Halloween might have its origins in Northern Ireland (where Thomas is from) but a lot of today's traditions and films sell such an American vision of Halloween and when it comes to begging for candy as children and dressing up, we definitely celebrate it to the fullest.  With the exception of going door to door asking for candy, this might be my most fall-themed fall to date as I introduce Thomas to the wonders of American harvest festivals and good eats. It all starts today with this skeleton sweater...

Outfit details:
Sheinside hair clip
UO shorts



  1. love that sweater! so fun!



  2. That sweater is so cute!

  3. you look adorable!!!


  4. Super cute! I never have watched a "scary movie" 'cause they're just plain ol' movies that have scared me (wimp!). I love that you chose to have these photos in black and white. Trying to get in the Halloween spirit? Have a lovely day!

    Anna Neumann from The Whistling Willow

  5. The pics are so cute! The shirt is great and it seem llike you just run out from of a movie scene!

  6. I love everything about October but especially all the Halloween stuff. This sweater is fantastic and I love the skeleton hand hair clip too!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  7. October, November and December have to be the best three months of the year! Just wish it would get colder in the UK!


  8. I just bought that sweater from a different site! Cute look, happy October!!

    - alexis


  9. I just bought the same sweater but I'm a little weary of the website. Have you or anyone had good experiences buying from Choies? I tried to order using PayPal and got an error so I tried the order again and it was fine. I changed my Paypal password just in case though!

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  11. I love that these pictures are black and white. It sets the theme nicely with your outfit.

    I've never been big on scary movies (Hocus Pocus is my preferred Halloween movie), but I've always loved picking out a costume and getting all dressed up.

    - Stefani


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