The Largest Corn Maze In Vermont

Thomas and I spent about an hour and a half wandering this 12 acre corn maze. We (and by we I mostly mean Thomas) probably would have been able to solve the maze in less time if we hadn't stopped for a few pictures along the way! But despite the stops and distraction we still managed to make it out without using the early exit for those who get truly lost. Fall will never be my favorite season, but I'm definitely starting to warm up to it with all of these fun activities you really only get in this season. Being around people with a lot of enthusiasm for autumn also helps--enthusiasm is contagious.

Outfit details:
Marais USA flats (similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. so gorgeous!!

  2. I really love the coat!

  3. How do you manage the terrible feeling of ungratefulness of not commenting back? I feel so guilty.
    I love getting commets, but the day just doesn´t have enough hours.
    I would be grateful to know your opinio

  4. Oh, I love these pictures! Corn mazes are so fun, and so classically autumn! I love fall for the layering and the coziness of a good coat, but a lot of fall activities are just my favorite things to do!
    You look gorgeous. I especially love your coat and nails!

  5. @MIS PAPELICOS, I used to leave comments on everything so I definitely know where you're coming from--it's hard to stop even when you're overwhelmed with how much time it takes. The first thing to realize is you're not obligated to leave comments & honestly, most people don't even expect you to reply to everything they leave. I try to remember that I'm prioritizing better pictures and more quality interactions in my life over quantity comments. I also always make time for answering e-mails and questions. Ultimately you need to figure out what balance works for you, but there's no reason to feel guilty!

  6. ahhhh i was just at that corn maze a few weeks ago! danville, right?

    it was my first one. so good. too bad you didn't make it up to visit the bread & puppet museum in glover- that's where i live.

  7. @Anonymous, maybe next time--we want to go back someday. There were a lot of things we wanted to see/do in Vermont that we didn't end up making it to.

  8. Thank you so much for your answer Rebecca, but didn´t you lose followers?
    Have a lovely day

  9. In the 2nd photo you look a bit like Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine!
    Your photos are always so beautiful!

  10. @MS PAPELICOS this conversation is better suited for e-mail, thenewclotheshorse(@) And yes, I think not commenting back can mean you will lose followers but I don't consider my follower count to be a priority. I never got into blogging to be famous or read by millions. I didn't even think anyone would read my blog in the beginning!

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  12. Love everything about this post!!! :)
    The dress is stunning and the coat is so sweet!
    Cat on any garment - must have in my book! :)
    Must have a go at styling my hair like that sometime, as I love it! Not sure that my thin soft hair can cope with that kind of magic, but will definitely have a go! :)

  13. wow- what a beautiful place!

    xx nikki


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