Weekend Planning: Future Home

We haven't officially signed the lease, but Thomas have found the home we hope to live in after we're married next summer. I don't have any pictures of the house yet since I've only seen the inside via a video tour directed by Thomas--although I did see the outside last time I visited him. It's cute and the location is ideal and I'm excited to live there despite the fact it is around 250 square feet in size! Yep, Thomas and I will be living in a "tiny house" (although our house was made before that term/movement existed). This decision has spurred me reading various blogs on small home living and even watching a documentary on the subject on Netflix (more reading and book suggestions are very welcome). While I haven't exactly been living in the lap of luxury and I have several housemates, it will still be a very big adjustment to move into a home about the size of a loft apartment in New York. But we're excited for the challenge--we like the idea of making our space functional and avoiding excessive clutter and honestly the house is so cute itself there's no way we could resist...Anyway, now that we've chosen a home it's the exciting time of talking about paint colors, what we need, what we want to make, and so on. Since Thomas and I are usually long distance I've been collecting inspiration on Pinterest or dog-earing pages in books and showing them to him every night via Skype. It's just another thing on my list of stuff I really wish I could start working on, but can only plan from a distance right now...

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  1. How fun and exciting! You have me wondering how your epic wardrobe is gonna fit in such a small space. Cheers to new adventures!

  2. Decorating will be so fun! Congrats!

  3. Love! These photos are so beautiful and full of character.
    Plaid Is My Favourite Colour

  4. It has always been a dream of mine to live in a house like this. This is the cutest "tiny house" I've ever seen. I can't wait to see how you make it your own!!


  5. Make sure to watch Tiny House Nation - it's a show all about transitioning to a tiny house. Great ideas too!

  6. @Jenny, Just to clarify--the house pictured is cute however it isn't the one Thomas & I will be living in! I don't have any decent pictures of that house yet. :)

  7. My husband and I have been very intrigued by the whole tiny house movement as well; it's exactly what we've been talking about for years and we're happy to see there are other people with the same ideals out there! I think we'd be more comfortable in 500-600 sqft of space, but to each his own! Here's my favorite tiny house blog: http://tinyhouseswoon.com/

  8. That is the cutest hkuse ever. Is that the actual outside of the home? And I have no idea how you've been able to handle such a long distance. How long have you guys been doing it? Cause I just started a few months and it's only one state away and it's been tough! Xoxo

  9. I would live in a tiny house in a second. I live in a small apartment in Bangkok and would never trade it for something bigger. It allows me so much more time for other things, rather than hours spent cleaning every week.

    I think you'll love yours :)

  10. I lived with my boy friend in an small appartement like this, it's more hard that we think to do not have a possibility to be alone or to have some spacy room.

  11. small places are fun and cozy! i have a feeling you will love it!

    xx nikki

  12. @Cassie Jo, no sadly that is not the outside, but ours is QUITE CUTE from the outside. I just don't want to jinx things by showing the Internet our house & then not getting it & having to say "actually that's not our house." Haha.
    Long distance is crazy hard right now, but honestly in the beginning we didn't know each other well so we didn't miss each other in the same way. We skyped every night to get to know each other, but we didn't start "missing" each other until after we were able to hang out in person again.
    I think it's a lot harder for people in your situation when you're already close! I think it's the distance after closeness that is the hardest--you know exactly what you are missing when that person isn't around. Now long distance is driving us crazy, but there was this buffer in the beginning when it wasn't so bad. :)

  13. i may have missed it...what side of the pond are you guys going to live?

    i saw those dipped paintings elsewhere too. much be a new trend? seems like an easy way to dress up/change thrifted paintings.

    having your own space will be delightful! we live in a tiny one bedroom and i'm always itching for a house. don't know if i could do 250 sq ft but tiny houses are a unique/environmentally friendly way to live. you'll have to post pics! there are a lot of articles about tiny houses on houzz.com (if you've never been there it is awesome!)

  14. My husband and I are doing up the flat we just bought and we're looking at a really similar style to these photos. I always adore your fashion choices and it's awesome to know that we're on the same page when it comes to interiors too!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  15. What a beautiful house! A cottage on the woods might seem a little cliche, but in all honesty, we all want something as adorable as that, right? It would be nice to grow old in a place like that. Anyway, your inspirations for its restoration all look amazing. Thanks for sharing that, Rebecca! All the best to you! :)

    Oliver Matthews @ Flower & Fendler


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