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Every time I tell someone I'm having an outdoor wedding in Northern Ireland their response is, "and what is plan b?" I've always had my heart set on an outdoor wedding and Thomas really wants one too, so ideally we will get what we want. However we are both realistic and know that rain is a possibility especially in Ireland. Thankfully Parkanaur only books one wedding a day and we have access to the full grounds--so if we have to move inside we can. Still, some other ideas are renting a tent and having a few wet weather accessories on hand. There are a variety of elegant umbrella options and wellies wouldn't be the worst shoe in the world, no? After all, I can switch back into heels as soon as the pictures are over and I'm only wearing the dress once so who really cares if it gets a little wet?
Anyone have a fun rainy wedding story or suggestions for if it rains?

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  1. Wellies can add a nice touch :) http://kristakeltanenblog.com/2012/11/love-stories-sanna-petri/

  2. My parents had their wedding on a rainy day. The result is a book full of photos with brightly colored umbrellas and raincoats.
    You will never know for sure wether it is going to rain or not. I think you should just do what you want on the big day and not adjust to the (possibly bad) weather!

  3. Brave the rain, woman! Perfect feature photo - it just goes to show rain gives a little romantic ambiance. I was just lunching with a friend who is planning an outdoor wedding in March, and she's nervy about rain too. I'll gave to share this photo with her.

    Emily | faitboum.com

  4. Rain can make a day more cosy, especially if you have accessories there for damp grannies and warmth for people to cosy up to. (Just realised that sentence sounds a bit dodgy, but you know what I mean! I hope..l)


  5. My sister's wedding started with rain, from the early hour she had her hair done, up until she entered the church. It was all sunny from there on, but the grass at the venue was still wet half the day. So it was a bit of both, indoors with some outdoors moments/activities.

  6. We're planning our wedding for the next summer too. We just started planning maybe a month ago, but I already bought an umbrella in case it rains the D day :D I think it was one of the first things I purchased, but it was also because I needed an umbrella anyway. I got a Brelli umbrella, you can see them over here: http://www.thebrelli.com/shop/home/#!prettyPhoto I thought you might be interested to check them out. They're really nice and have a vintage touch, plus they're made entirely out of ecological materials which for me is a huge plus! Anyway, happy wedding planning for you two, and don't mind about what people say, rain or not I'm sure the day will be magical. Vivi from http://www.atelierofideas.com/

  7. I attended an outdoor wedding in Shelby this past Saturday, and one hour before the wedding there was a thunderstorm with rain, but by the start of the wedding the sun was out and there was a rainbow. So fitting for an outdoor wedding. They had a big tent to use in case of rain though. I guess I can't post a photo of the rainbow here.

  8. My sister recently got married on a day where rain was a possibility (luckily it didn't!) so they made sure guests were aware that it would still be outdoors and to dress appropriately. They also provided blankets (1 for every 2 ppl), and made sure the hot beverages were well stocked!

  9. Our wedding was sunny (in Arizona, so no surprise there!), but our engagement was actually in Ireland and it was freezing and rainy! He proposed at the Powerscourt Gardens. I have to say, my favorite thing about that moment was the cute rain boots I was wearing and the fact that the wind was so strong that my umbrella popped inside-out.
    Your outdoor wedding is going to be stunning - rain or shine! Rain is just good luck and some extra sparkle. (PS: Go watch "About Time"! Rained out wedding to the max!)

    There's a rainy engagement photo on my About page:

  10. My friends had their wedding about 6 months ago during an Australian summer and it still rained!! it looked like it was going to rain all day before the outdoor ceremony but didn't until the exact moment she got to the end of the aisle and held the grooms hand. it totally poured..it was quite magical :)


    ^^ the photos are soo lovely ^^

  11. i'm planning an outdoor wedding for next May and am praying every day is stays dry! if that doesn't work out, rain would make for some pretty photos :)


  12. The transparent boots are so cool!!
    I shot a wedding this spring and until one hour before the ceremony the weather was nice. Than it started pouring and I actually had no plan B. So after the ceremony when we went to take some pictures my friend and I thought of some places, on was on outdoor stairs with a roof over it and then we went to the park and the bride had a really cute lace umbrella so in the end the pictures turned out so pretty, maybe even better than if it was really sunny :) and funnily enough, when we came back for the banquet and arrived right at the building, it stopped raining :) so later we got to take few more pictures with the sunset :)
    I hope you'll have a nice weather though. :)


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